johnny sexfuk
what college in indiana is this? looks like a military academy.. they’re gonna get in trouble for this. hahah!! lmao

oh well i think it was worth it consideing they got to fuck some pretty hot ass girls!

slim whitman
fuck yea id get in on that action too!! dare dorm rulez!

im suprised no ones shot one in the u of m! wuzup! any hot girls wanna be on the internetz!!

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awesome footage of indiana college students fucking on campus
july 10, 2010

scene info:
some coeds decided to have water gun war and the winner will get majority of the money they get for their submission. the girls were looking very hot in those tiny shorts and tops. it was red team vs. blue team and the red team got the victory. soon after, the girls were naked and the men were joining it. it was not long until there was sex going on all around the dorm room. both beds on the bunk bed were getting full usage.