girl's name: lucye  /  update name: well_hello_there  /  movie:47 min.
lucye has been getting dicked around all day. you would think she would be tired of this shit, but a girl like her takes a dicking and keeps on licking. she spent the whole morning on her back and knees getting dicked around by me. she could have been doing something constructive, but she wanted me to call renato, tony and leslie so they could dick her around some more. ridiculous. a girl this hot could be out getting guys to buy her shit and drive her around all day. instead, she spent her afternoon getting dicked around. again. by 3 dicks. those tits, that ass, that muff and that dirt star got worked. she taught the guys about deep throating. the guys taught her a thing or 3 about being on time. you will just have to watch and see what i mean. i almost felt guilty dicking her around like this, but apparently she likes it...
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