who says no sex in the champagne room?
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girl's name: lela
update name:
toppless treats!!!
what another blown out party we had. we had naked chicks before the drinks were poured. it was non stop from the moment we got into our vip spot. our cali girls are wild all day and night. they love getting all hot and sexy. they cannot get enough ass and titties. the party is kept alive with these girls getting freaky and shaking their bodies to the djs beats. we had another trio of sexy ladies that didnt want ot stop after the club shut down. so we got them back to the next spot for some real vip treatment. talk about sexy, these girls love the cock as much as the pussy. they were sucking both till the guys popped ther tops. josh broke out the double pile driver while the other was getting in her ass. there was so much position and girl swaping it was hard to kept track of who was banging who...  :)

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