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model name:barbara update name:comic book hook up mon july 20,09 check out now to see!
i was picking up my rocky marciano poster which i ordered at a local comic book shop when in walked barrbara. she was shopping for a toy for her kid. i helped her pick out a great toy and really got on her good side. once i found out she had some time to kill before picking up her son at school i decided to see how far i could get with her. she turned me down when i asked her to come over to my place and i thought i didnt have a chance until she invited me over to her house. she wanted to make sure she was somewhere safe and close to her son just in case we went over on time. i love a milf who takes control and thinks of everything. she poured me a drink and we got it on. she even surprised me when she slipped my dick in her ass. she was one fun loving mommy. no wonder she was in a comic book store.